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  • Halló.

    Við erum frá Japan.

    Japanese strawberry "ICHI-GO" has taste and texture which you have never felt before is grown in Iceland.

    You will surely love it.

  • What's ICHI-GO?

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    Our strawberry born in Japan is a special strawberry that you have never tasted before.


    We named our strawberry grown in Iceland "ICHI-GO" which means strawberry in Japanese.

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    ICHI-GO is grown in the plant factory which

    is using Icelandic natural energy and water.


    We only use organic pesticides so that you can enjoy the natural taste of ICHI-GO made from Icelandic nature.

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    There are approximately 300 varieties of strawberries in Japan. It is said that more than half of all varieties in the world come from Japan.


    ICHI-GO is a strawberry selected from among the very popular varieties in Japan.

    Please enjoy Iceland's first Japanese variety strawberries.

    ICHI-GO ambassador is Aoi Minami

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  • Our features

    Delicious and safe 'Japanese-born agricultural products to the world.

    Produced by iFarm Iceland ehf.

    A subsidiary of iFarm Inc which is Japanese company.

    We import Japanese most famous strawberries born in Japan and grow them as "ICHI-GO" in Iceland.

    We operate a plant factory at Iceland Eco-Business Park since November 2023.

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    Our site is Iceland Eco-Business Park (IEBP).

    IEBP is located in one of the richest natural resource regions in Iceland, a world leader in renewable energy, with 100% of its electricity and heating needs coming from a combination of hydro and geothermal power.

    We are challenging to build new food supply models that can withstand all weather and environments with IEBP.

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    Our farm is in Plant Factory.

    We are creating a sustainable food production system that can provide food that is stable, planned, safe, nutritious, above all, delicious regardless of the climate by utilizing renewable sources that has less impact on the environment.

  • We're looking for ICHI-GO partners.

    Dear Restaurants, Food sales, Travel agencies, and other companies

    If you are interested in ICHI-GO, please feel free to contact us.

    Why not try ICHI-GO first? We are happy to bring ICHI-GO to you.

    - Contact person -

    Ken Noda (CEO)


  • ICHI-GO Fun Club

  • Team ICHI-GO

    We're working for iFarm Iceland.

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    Keita Iino


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    Ken Noda


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    Masa Kabutoya


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    Kotaro Ikemoto

    Agri-Tech advisor

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    Aoi Minami

    Marketing supporter

  • Contact

    Let's talk about ICHI-GO.

    "ICHI-GO" is not sold to the public in order to produce a few. If you all are interested in "ICHI-GO", please contact through the following form.